Saturday, September 23, 2006


Build e-learning system, think Moodle as a first choice. Yes, Moodle is an opensource CMS on e-learning. It was designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities.

According Martin Dougiamas (Sept 17th), the latest version is Moodle 1.6.2 that available to download.

The nice one is Moodle Community. Here is from their site :
Moodle has a large and diverse user community with over 130,000 registered users75 languages in over 160 countries (we have more statistics here). The best place to start is Using Moodle, which is where the main international discussions are held in English, but we have a variety of groups discussing other topics and in other languages. on this site alone, speaking over===
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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Jeeran means "neighborhood".

Established in 2000 as the first Arab web hosting community, Jeeran's continuous mission is to allow members the effective harnessing of the internet. Web hosting and design, online storage, image management, and e-mail, are some of the tools that make our website unique in addressing members' needs.

There is blog service too, of course for Arab community.

Jeeran Jeeran!

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Springdoo is easy, fast and free video email. It’s just like sending an email, but you talk, recipients watch and listen.

springdoo=free video & audio email

What you will need?
An email address, a microphone, a webcam.

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Nice software for downloading purpose.

The Kazaa software allows you to:

  • Search and download content that is shared by premium content providers or by other Kazaa users.
  • ‘Kreate’ your own files and distribute them using Kazaa. Find out more about how to ‘Kreate’ and Share your own files.
Just alaKazaa!
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What is goowy?
goowy is a service that offers you simple, intuitive tools for communicating and sharing on the web.

Why should I use goowy?
Because it gives you everything you need in a fresh, simple package, including an instant messenger that lets you chat with your buddies from any network, powerful e-mail, contacts & calendar, customized news, rss, minis, file storage, sharing & finally some fun games when you just want to relax.
And here is from the founders when they think to build it:
This time we decided that any idea would have to pass through 4 filters before we considered developing it - 1) FUN! 2) Leverage what we know 3) Create a unique experience 4) Friends and family got it without giving us the "deer in headlights" look.
Ok, Do You Goowy?

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What is loomia?
Here is from Web 2.0 Awards :
A podcast and videocast search engine that will help you discover, share, and manage channels of interest to you. Filter out the fluff and save your favorites using rankings, then browse by popularity, tags, and more, to find what you like.
Think to try it?

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The excellent popular CMS (Content Management System).
The site also completed by nice button for accesibility (A+ for enlarge text, A-, and Reset).
Here from it's frontpage :
Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

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All about build lens !
Why, here from their FAQ :

Share the knowledge: When you know a lot about something, it feels good to share. Help other people discover what you found out the hard way.

Increase your profile: A popular lens gives credibility to the Lensmaster. A popular lens reinforces your role as an "everyday expert." And a popular lens makes you the go-to authority for those looking for help.

Increase your traffic: Your lens points (if you want it to) to your blog and to your website. Lenses have huge credibility with search engines, so your lens can help your other sites rise to the top of Google searches.

Earn a royalty for you, your organization, or your favorite charity. Think of the royalty as a bonus--and don't quit your dayjob yet! A single lens might not earn a lot, but if you imagine hundreds of lenses working to your favor, or fundraising for a charity, it can really start to add up.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The muslim portals UK-based. It's worthy site. For Muslims, many features (of course, It's portal) you can try and enjoy (especially for Islamic-related searching purpose). Beside the most popular one Islamic site, Salaam give the exciting services.

Ok, Happy Fasting!

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Do you Yahoo!? must be familiar phrase for most of net user. This tagline is part of more than 81s Trademark Information (just visit here). Different with Google (the simplest one), Yahoo!'s frontpage was made attractive interface up. So, just visit its frontpage then you'll know the entire services soon.

As you know, Yahoo! was crushed many time by Google excellent. This article (July 21th, 2006) noted that "The search leader processed almost 2.67 billion queries, or 49.4 percent of June's total, and Yahoo followed in a distant second place".
Even as Paul R. La Monica ( editor) noted here , we can know that there is notable Google's threat from "Google's move into video and other forms of display advertising", Why? since that's an area where Google's top rival, Yahoo! itself, has had more success". Furthermore, the delayed announcement of its (Yahoo!) new online search system for advertisers, code-named Panama, impact on Yahoo's shares tumbling 22 percent in one day. Just visit Yahoo vs. google, round two for further related interesting issues.

An pro-Yahoo! opinion came from Marshall Kirkpatrick that noted "Google’s local search is pretty good, and I appreciate the reviews they pull in, but Yahoo! functionality appears to have taken the lead" (here).

But, hey, let's just enjoying Yahoo! services for ordinary net user like us. Btw, did you know that Yahoo! has launched its Yahoo! Publishing Network (a Google AdSense like)? For those live in US, it's nice to register asap.

Ok, don't miss the Yahoo! Career for both new graduates or internship. And Talent Scouting. There are 16s current opening positions for Yahoo!7 (Ausse n New Zealand).

Iterested in knowing Yahoo! values? Share me the different with Google's one.

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The most popular search engine in "the world'. Also always made most-netuser-favourite products. GMail, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Earth, Google Sitemap, Google Books, till Google Base, and Google Co-op just some examples. There is also a special site for Google's Open Source Projects at Google Code. Yes, it was related to Google Summer of Code (visit useful FAQs for students and mentors).

All About Google.

btw, there is I Hate Google and I Love Google site which both of them refers to the same site. But, for comparing your opinion about Google, it's nice to read 25 Things I Hate About Google and 25 Things I Love About Google from SearchEngineWatch.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I just found the interesting on site name that have two vocal letter, like Google, Yahoo, and Joomla. The interesting is from its writing, spelling and memorizing.

But, are there relevancy between the name and its content?
I'll check it, while you enjoying my short-review.